Bicycling fauna for me

I’m going to lead a weekly Recumbent Ride for the local Prairie Cycle Club, so I drew some things for it:

Bicyclin' Bison

Bicyclin’ Bison

Bicyclin' Deer (the white-tailed deer is the state animal of Illinois)

Bicyclin’ Deer (the white-tailed deer is the state animal of Illinois)

Here’s the resultant flyer:

Recumbent Ride card2


“Copyright Hipster” for Hugh/the EFF

Copyright Hipster

A Hundred Dollar Drawing. In spite of my No Caricatures rule, I knew this was a gift for Parker Higgins, hence the resemblance. Also the ©’s are backwards because he’s more of a copyLEFT hipster.


“Fiddlin’ Laxmi” for Dave

Fiddlin Laxmi

A Hundred Dollar Drawing.


“Trump’s Soul” for Dimm Summer

Trump's Soul2

A Hundred Dollar Drawing.


“You First” for Dimm Summer

You First2

A Hundred Dollar Drawing.


“Oh Wait” for Dimm Summer

Oh Wait

A Hundred Dollar Drawing.


“High Chai” for Dimm Summer

High Chai

A Hundred Dollar Drawing.


“Creative Freedom” for Ton

Creative Freedom

A Hundred Dollar Drawing.


“Happy Family” for Josh

Happy Family

This Hundred Dollar Drawing was requested by my brother. His own Happy Family will have to figure out who everyone is, ’cause I sure can’t. I’m also not sure about the dog. Is s/he happily dreaming of eating all of them?


Lexula and Cryonysus


Above: Lexula, Goddess of Scrabble. Her right hand dispenses letter tiles – randomly, because she is blindfolded. Her left hand wields the CrosSword.

Below: Cryonysus, God of Whiney Man-Babies.


Neither of these are technicallyHundred Dollar Drawings, since I drew them for myself during a slow period. But they are of that genre, so I’m including them in the series.


Susan’s “Entlebucher Bounding”

Entlebucher Bounding3

A Hundred Dollar Flipbook for Susan, except I didn’t do it as a flipbook, I did it all on one sheet:

Entlebucher Bounding sm

And then I took out frame #6 because it didn’t look right. Here’s the same cycle larger:

Entlebucher Bounding3_1




Stephen’s “Amiable Octopus”

Amiable Octopus

Hundred Dollar Drawing, with a making-of video:



I really like the spontaneity, freshness, and non-computery-ness of drawing tiny on paper. Lately I’ve been drawing little flipbooks, but even this “Ganesha Marimba” looks suspiciously like a conventional pencil test, in spite of being only a couple inches wide and drawn in ballpoint pen. So I upped my game and drew even smaller:

Tiny walk photo

This is easier than drawing flipbooks because I can see everything at the same time, rather than only the one drawing previous. And it’s tiny! So full of lovely mistakes and life.

tiny walk_1

Next I plan to draw even tinier!



Technically not a Hundred Dollar Drawing.

Sacred Cow 1_sm

From the Hundred Dollar Drawing page: “As always, if you have a special request, don’t want to follow the restrictions, want a regular commercial contract, etc., you must contact me and offer way more money, because $100 is crazy cheap. I’m not saying I’ll do it, but if I do, it will definitely cost more.”

Les asked for “an 800-pound sacred cow in a living room with a few people ignoring it.”

Above: version 1. Below: version 2.

Sacred Cow 2_sm


Sam’s “Nasty Woman”

Nasty Woman

A NASTY Hundred Dollar Drawing.