Maya’s Request

As you know, requests for my  Hundred Hundred-and-Fifty Dollar Drawings are limited to two words or less.

But on March 11 I found this in my Twitter DMs:

Could you draw this as a picture for me

“it is a prime opportunity to get inside the tent with a goal-line defence, unless a clear upstream threat, accompanied by actionable intelligence, pops its head up”

Normally I’d say no, as that is batshit and impossible. However the request came from Maya Forstater, who explained:

It is a present for Helen Joyce – she has been training military types on how to write as a side-gig and this is the kind of thing they say.

Given the commissioner and the recipient, it was a challenge I couldn’t refuse, although I charged more for the extra words plus hazard pay (risk of head explosion). But first I gave it to AI art generator Dall-E:

Clearly this was a job for a human being. I felt so needed.

Although it was impossible to convey everything in the request, I did my best:

“it is a prime opportunity to get inside the tent with a goal-line defence, unless a clear upstream threat, accompanied by actionable intelligence, pops its head up”

Looks like I won’t be replaced by AI anytime soon.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

7 thoughts on “Maya’s Request”

  1. Just read your piece on Quillette. I understand and sympathize with you, and with the cr*p the Hard Left is putting you through.

    But you didn’t leave a place or address to connect and support you. So after some digging I found this site.

    Also, so many people, formerly on the Left, just can’t bring themselves to find common cause with people right of center. Is that you? So many people right of center believe in live-and-let-live, the kind of tolerance that is, shall we say, non-existent on the Left. Utterly non-existent. Which is your point, it appears.

  2. U the shite artist who produces transphobic cards mate????

    U kno for doin that your gonna fuckin DIE ye dirty pedo cunt We kno who you are an we kno were you live….

    Expect us. Were the ones with AKs and baseball bats… Well pump ye so full of bullets ye wudnt kno were to piss…

  3. Dear Nina,

    You are one of my favourite scapegoats these days. I recently listened to an episode of the BBC’s podcast “In Our Time” about the The Ramayana. When it came to the place in the discussion where adaptations and alternative retellings of the story were mentioned, I felt very aggrieved that academics on the show failed to mention your film, “Sita Sings the Blues.”
    You’d have thought they might have been aware of it . . . but perhaps they were all just too cloistered to hear of it:

  4. Comment #1: You’re falling into the “binary thinking” trap, LOL. Why shouldn’t “leftists” be able to call BS when they see it? “Left wing” originally referred to “workers’ rights” while “right wing” = business owners, authority figures, traditionalists, etc. It’s entirely possible to be in favor of workers’ rights, civil rights etc. while also acknowledging reality. Note that there’s a difference between challenging cultural (man-made) stereotypes and denying nature (physical reality).

    I prefer to call the extremism of both sides of the political spectrum “crack politics” because they’re following a boiled-down lump of condensed ideological “essence” – polluted with low-quality thought processes – that’s damaging, addictive, tends to cause insanity in the user and is a danger to society. (See one of the ensuing comments). “Crack politics” seems to be generated in social media “ghettos” (echo chambers) that enables participants to stew and ferment in their own rarefied thought-centrifuge until they can barely function in the outside world…

  5. Comment #2: I suggest you pull your head out of your posterior and start reading some history books before you and your ilk proceed with your highly illegal little plan. The backlash will give you whiplash. Given the fact that you folks are attempting to “normalize” your Opposite Day agenda, it’s no longer just a concern of “radical feminists”, it’s become a concern of “Normies” and is only serving to give traction to the right wing (see comment #1). We all saw how that went over in 1930s Germany. You will be going up against TENs (Trans Exclusionary Normies). …Hundreds of millions of them, who are electing politicians who are (and will continue to) pass laws abolishing your agenda and procedures. Soon they will start abolishing social media rabbit holes. TENs outnumber you hundreds of millions to one, and you will never convince them to support an agenda that wants to claim that it’s a-OK to mutilate their children and invade their daughters’ spaces. If you don’t believe me, read the editorial comments on “normie” social media.

    Therefore I think it’s about time we start coming up with some acronyms for YOU… such as FUTs (Fascists’ Useful Tools). Remember that there’s a bigger world outside your echo chambers.

    Sincerely, a TEN

  6. I hadn’t seen your art in a few months, so I was missing it and looking back through the blog and your posts. This one was hilarious. It’s how it captures it all simply of course, but the facial expressions.

    No wonder the Ernest Goes To movies never let us hear Vern’s comments.

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