Photos from Copenhagen

I had a great time in Copenhagen! The NATFILM festival took excellent care of me, fed me well, and sent people to pick me up when I was too tired or confused to navigate the twisty streets myself. The audience for Sita was very sweet and generous and didn’t mind that the sound mysteriously switched from Dolby Surround to quiet analog stereo mid-way through the screening. Although I didn’t attend many films, the festival program looked excellent; they programmed not one, not two, but THREE Guy Maddin films, along with Sita and Loins of Punjab Presents, so they clearly have exquisite taste.

My photos here.


Copenhagen so far

A quick update from abroad: This NATFILM festival is sweeeet. Copenhagen is possibly the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited – sorry other cities, but the medieval architecture here wins my heart. I just saw Guy Maddin’s fantastic new film “My Winnipeg,” which I missed in Berlin. Guy Maddin is one of the few filmmakers I can honestly call inspiring. Unfortunately he couldn’t attend NATFILM in person. But I did get to meet John Sayles and his partner Maggie and a bunch of really nice Danish film people at a superb homecooked dinner in a palatial (literally, in a palace) apartment here. Sweet, I tells ya.

“Sita” screens at 3pm tomorrow at Empire Bio. If you’re reading this and in Copenhagen, please come! We can hang out afterwards. NATFILM is nothing if not intimate.

Photos after I return next week.


Tre hysterisk morsomme indonesiske skyggedukker!

I don’t know Danish but I know what I like.

Vi bøjer Bollywoodbegrebet med ‘Sita Sings the Blues’, men det gør vi gerne, for Nina Paleys debutanimation i spillefilmslængde, der vandt en special mention pÃ¥ filmfestivalen i Berlin i februar, er i sandhed en film ud over det sædvanlige….(more)