The War of Resistance

“Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

In George Orwell’s 1984, the past is altered, but war is constant; the names of the combatants are changed retroactively, but combat is continuous. 

Members of nations at war bond more tightly with their compatriots. War offers a shared dream of triumph over a common enemy. Thus, continual state of war is an effective means of social control. It doesn’t really matter who Oceania is at war with, as long as Oceania is, and always has been, at war.

1984 illustrates how supporting wars is a sucker’s game. War is a product of the Establishment — governments, the military-industrial complex, corporations — using us, the people, to maintain their power. Keeping us in line. Keeping us obedient with fear!

We the enlightened, who have read 1984, don’t get caught up in nationalism. Instead, we RESIST. We resist the war machine, the governments, the military-industrial complex. We don’t play their games. We organize a student protest! We build a shantytown on campus. We demand a ceasefire now!

Students have always joined such movements against the Establishment. “Revolution Now” has been chanted for centuries. There is always a revolution in progress, and there is always a power structure to be revolted against. There is always a dream of triumph over a common enemy.

While most revolutions fail, every once in a while one succeeds. Then what happens? The Resistance becomes the Establishment. The Resistance IS the Establishment. Just as the students making protest camps on the green lawns of universities ARE the upper middle class. 

Who funds the Resistance? The Establishment.

Why would they do that? Because they want to be always at war. The same reason warring nations do. Social control, you dupes.

The Resistance has always been at war with the Establishment.


Thank You

A friend gave me these flowers for my birthday. I am so grateful for my friends!

I have complained a lot about being canceled since 2017. But I have also been supported by you this whole time. Some of you send direct donations. Some of you buy my merch. Some of you donate to my Patreon or the Heterodorx podcast. Some of you send kind messages. Some of you recommend my work to others.

Many of you go out of your way to support me for the exact same reasons others cancel me. You are awesome.

Your generosity is as real as the cancelations I struggle to shed my bitterness over. It’s a miracle, it has kept my going, it keeps me going, it gives me hope as well as material support. Like many humans I can get caught up in the bad without sufficiently acknowledging the good. The good, your good, has been very good. Thank you.