I’m heading to Russia in a few days for the Moscow Jewish Film Festival, for two screenings of my latest feature film, Седер-Мазохизм.

It’s been 3 decades since my single semester of adult-education introductory Russian, but I did find a handy Cyrillic-to-phonetic-English alphabet chart online:

At least I can try pronouncing a word or two. I’m privileged to practice on this:


Graham Linehan’s New Avatar

I suck at caricatures, but when Graham Linehan (Glinner on Twitter) asked me to draw him a new avatar, I did my best. Graham is a true ally to feminists, and although my depiction is hyperbolic, it’s also sincere.

I limit my social media use to 15 minutes total daily, so I seldom post on twitter or fecebook. I’d reconsider if they stopped banning people, especially people I most want to hear from, especially women. Graham himself wrote a nice Medium article in May on why he was leaving Twitter — then Medium banned him. Twitter hasn’t banned him yet, so he’s back there, fighting the good fight, metaphorical sword of righteousness aflame.

The full-size image. Drawn on paper, scanned, and colored in GIMP.
It’s funny because it’s TRUE!