Graham Linehan’s New Avatar

I suck at caricatures, but when Graham Linehan (Glinner on Twitter) asked me to draw him a new avatar, I did my best. Graham is a true ally to feminists, and although my depiction is hyperbolic, it’s also sincere.

I limit my social media use to 15 minutes total daily, so I seldom post on twitter or fecebook. I’d reconsider if they stopped banning people, especially people I most want to hear from, especially women. Graham himself wrote a nice Medium article in May on why he was leaving Twitter — then Medium banned him. Twitter hasn’t banned him yet, so he’s back there, fighting the good fight, metaphorical sword of righteousness aflame.

The full-size image. Drawn on paper, scanned, and colored in GIMP.
It’s funny because it’s TRUE!

Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

10 thoughts on “Graham Linehan’s New Avatar”

  1. So glad you’ve got yet new friends 🙂 The world is a better place by your contributions.

  2. Nina, I came here because I just received my Angel O’ Death shirt in the mail and absolutely love it. No one else could make death look as adorable as you. I’m not up to speed on all the politics you mention here, but I think you’re brilliant.
    Your new fan in Germany,

  3. Excellent caricature! I love that the horse also has a pipe. With flames! 🙂 Graham Lineman’s Medium article was also excellent. So eminently reasonable. Sigh. Thanks for posting the archive link. It depresses me no end that an article like that could get someone banned from a whole platform. I’m one of those who have mostly kept quiet about this issue. I used to hold out hope the trans revolution would help liberate all men and women from binding gender stereotypes by proving once and for all that the ability to perform a given gender successfully is not sex-linked. This is why I loved drag queens when I was growing up. But when you turn it around and claim that being a good cross-gender performer means you ARE a woman or a man, it has the exact opposite effect. Hello gender ossification.

  4. I wondered about the quirky little avatar on Graham’s vlog , now I know !
    It’s part of a caricature of his cause.
    I became vaguely aware through an article in the paper where he’d complained about being cancelled.
    When I understood what he was fighting for I have to give him conscience money it was the least I could do, seeing as he’s lost his career, his marriage, his home may and God preserve his sanity over this hideous battle he’s fighting for all of us !
    May your God bless you Nina ❣️🙏

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