Mystic Symbolic: the progressing-in-progress

Still no color, still no backgrounds, still no animation, but I’ve had plenty to do designing more symbols and getting the hang of the specification system we came up with. I spend hours hitting the “randomize” button (Atul created a keyboard shortcut, control-option-r, so my arm doesn’t get as sore), watching the shapes interact, then making revisions, re-exporting, and re-uploading. Every once in a while I take a screenshot and write a title, and I share some of those here:

She Holds the Moon
Mama Power
Tree of Knowledge
Vehicle of Enlightenment
The Book of Life
Lamb of God
Mask of the Goddess
Crush the Hebrews

Generate your own at


Mystic Symbolic: the developening

On January 27 I awoke with an idea for a mystic symbolic art generator. I immediately sketched copious notes and put out word I was looking for a coder to collaborate with. By some miracle, Atul Varma responded within an hour, which makes me believe this project really wants to exist.

My plans are vast and sprawling, so we’re starting simple. And by simple we mean bonkers:

Atul and I are on the same page regarding Free Software and Free Culture, so we’re both happy to share as we go along. You can generate your own strange images like the ones above by clicking the “randomize” button here:

Here is the main Mystic Symbolic work-in-progress page:

And if you’re on guthub, which I am not yet but will be soon, there is this:

This is a mere taste of things to come.