Mystic Symbolic: the developening

On January 27 I awoke with an idea for a mystic symbolic art generator. I immediately sketched copious notes and put out word I was looking for a coder to collaborate with. By some miracle, Atul Varma responded within an hour, which makes me believe this project really wants to exist.

My plans are vast and sprawling, so we’re starting simple. And by simple we mean bonkers:

Atul and I are on the same page regarding Free Software and Free Culture, so we’re both happy to share as we go along. You can generate your own strange images like the ones above by clicking the “randomize” button here:

Here is the main Mystic Symbolic work-in-progress page:

And if you’re on guthub, which I am not yet but will be soon, there is this:

This is a mere taste of things to come.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “Mystic Symbolic: the developening”

  1. I love this project! So cool.
    Great job to both of you.
    If you’re ever interested in more contributors – my github handle is webaissance
    I have forked the project – so I will work on getting it going locally and I should be able to help add features within a week or so…


  2. bonkers is indeed the best mode, but dialing it back a notch to 3 seems to generate some really really plausible symbol combinations …

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