Sita airs again on Thirteeen! 11pm Saturday October 3

This just in from Richard Siegmeister of WNET:

Sita is airing this Saturday at 11 on New York’s Channel 13!

And just like the last time Sita aired on WNET, I’m out of the country (by October 3 I’ll be in Armenia). Hopefully they’ll air it again later, so I can enjoy a screening party in New York. Meanwhile, please tell your New York friends.


Sita screens in Paris Monday September 28!

At 8 or 8:30 pm! At a real cinema! I’ll post the cinema name and address as soon as the distributor sends it to me – soon – but if you’re in Paris tomorrow, please save the date and come by!

“Studio des Ursulines”
10, rue des Ursulines 75005 Paris
Metro Luxembourg

Merci a Christophe pour l’information!


I’m outta here

I’ll be in Europe until October 17 (on which date I will be speaking at MoMA!) so I may be virtually non-existent online. Or not, depending on how many free wireless connections are available and how well my netbook holds up.

Again, I’m gonna be in:

September 25 – NancyA l’ère Libre Festival de la culture Libre
September 26 – Pessac, near Bordeaux
Journée des Cultures Libres
October 3-6 – YerevanReAnimania Animation Festival
Oct. 14-16 – Power to the Pixel Conference

Have fun while I’m away! Don’t burn the house down!



Sometimes I’m asked if I have any “advice” for the young’uns. I seem to give a different answer every time. Today’s answer is:


Stop taking advice and stop asking for it.

The world is unlimited! There are a zillion ways to do things. Don’t be afraid of doing things wrong. The only way we make progress is from trying things, and that means a lot of failure. I’ve been helped by other peoples’ failures – they show me what not to do, so I can learn from their mistakes – and I hope my failures help other people succeed too. So even failure is a social contribution, as long as you’re failing YOUR way. An authentic failure is worth 100 insincere successes.

Do it YOUR way, not my way.

Looking to others to tell you what to do and how to do it is a bad habit. You can learn a lot just by observing. Let your observations be your teachers. What people SAY is not the same as what they DO, so pay attention to what they DO and learn from that.

If there’s something you can’t learn from observing, do some research. If research still doesn’t answer your question, THEN ask for advice. If you go straight to asking for advice, and expecting your answers there, you will miss out on all kinds of observations and learning.

That is my advice.