15 seconds down, 4,365 to go

Exodus 19 to 40 – Excerpt 1 from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

15 seconds of animation from a new scene in Seder-Masochism, which deals with later parts of Exodus including the gruesome Exodus 29. I’m producing the feature backwards, chronologically – this is the second-to-last scene.


Killer of Sheep

Exodus 29

Maybe the timing’s not good on this, given current events. This is LITERALLY about Hebrews and sheep, per Exodus. It is not a political statement.

Here is Aharon, following God’s commandments per Exodus 29. Exodus is a pretty depressing read. Last night when I animated this, I found it depressing. This morning I found it kind of funny. Cartoon violence is magical that way.

Full text of Exodus 29 (King James version) after the fold: Continue reading “Killer of Sheep”


Tabernacle exterior

Altar and laver with the Tabernacle and Shekhinah in the background. I know there’s supposed to be a linen fence around the compound but I haven’t drawn it yet. A whole lotta sheep and cows are going to shed blood here, for no discernible good reason.