I just felt like making this font, so I did. I have no particular use for it. I guess making the hieroglyphs activated the font part of my brain, or something. It’s not a real font (I no longer have Fontographer software), just letter designs. If anyone wants to make a real, functional font out of this, lemme know and I’ll send you .ai or .eps files.


A Message from the Ancients

Hieroglyphs are an important design element in Egyptian painting. To make my Egypt scenes look right, I’ll need to include some as decoration. So today I made myself an abridged “alphabet” in Flash. What I didn’t expect was how much fun it is to make messages with them.

Guess what this says!


Generic Goddess

Ancient Egyptian painting designs look a bit like cut-out animations already, yet it’s taken me until now to actually make a cut-out human figure and move it around. No fancy animation techniques here, just a test of whether the pieces hold together in different positions. They do, I think.