$100 Drawing LIVE

In November, this recumbent nerd was featured on the Laidback Bike Report:

I subsequently joined the show’s regular “panel” of recumbent nerds. Since this involves mostly listening to other recumbent nerds for an hour or more, I used that time to make this $100 Drawing:

We’re gonna make that a regular thing, where I make a $100 Drawing live on the show, with occasional thrilling shots like this:

The next Laidback Bike Report is Sunday January 3 at 2pm EST. If you commission a $100 Drawing between now and then, I could draw it live. I actually need some method to choose which commission to do live; right now I’ll just pick one. We don’t know if there’s really demand for this thrilling media opportunity. If there is, maybe we could create a way to “reserve” the Live spot, via a premium. Suggestions welcome, please comment if you have any ideas.