2 thoughts on ““‘Bent Xmas” for Laidback Bike Report”

  1. Hi Nina – I have been steadily wearing the angel of death covid protection mask you made. I think it’s the best designed one I’ve come across partly because of the little widget that allows it to be easily tightened on the face. You did not neglect the little metal strip over the bridge of the nose either. And of course it looks better than any other I’ve seen. It’s a great design. It’s made sturdily of lasting material. So I just donated some money here, in celebration of that. I’m no longer on mastodon so I thought I’d say this here. Will try to send you an email too.

  2. Hi Nina,
    Just caught your segment on LBR. Though I was there for the tilting trike, I am very intrigued by your thoughts on a recumbent movie. I loved “Sita Sings the Blues” and was truly impressed with the whole–including the writing. I almost became despondent when I saw your shelf of screenwriting books, and nearly howled in despair at the “plot generator.” I breathed again when you moved on. At best, screenwriting books and “successful formulas” are why most Hollywood movies are “stupid” as you described them. I say this as someone who works there as a small cog in the stupid stuff machine. But every now and then something great comes along championed by good people, and it’s a thrill. This could be that.

    As an accomplished animator, you don’t need my advice, but in case you haven’t heard of it, you might enjoy John August and Craig Mazin’s “Scriptnotes” podcast. (Especially pre-covid episodes. https://johnaugust.com/podcast) Their discussions on the creative part of movie making is wonderful. Hugely educational, and for me at times, inspiring. In contrast, their discussions on the business of film is disheartening, and can be downright crushing. Overall though, I find it relevant, up-to-date, and they have great smart guests we could never meet otherwise. (Screenwriters are pretty invisible) The podcast is worth way more than the price, which is free and/or $4.99/month for the archive. Episodes with Aline Brosh-Mckenna are great. And I was almost moved to tears when guest Lindsey Doran said, “my job as a producer, is as guardian of the story.” Unheard of in Hollywood.

    All the best.

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