Hundred Dollar Drawings – now $150

Update May 2022: New Inflation Pricing! Hundred Dollar Drawings are now Hundred-and-Fifty Dollar Drawings

Sorry ’bout that, this is the first time I’ve raised the price since 2016.


See all Hundred Dollar Hundred-Fifty Dollar Drawings here

I will draw your request for a mere $100 $150. If you want the original drawing shipped to you, you MUST add $25. If you want the image cleaned up and reproduction-ready, that’s another $100 now FREE. Please use PayPal links below (scroll down).

As this is an evolving experiment for me, I will be imposing ever-changing rules and restrictions.

UPDATE 10-2-2020: I like drawing animals (real and fictional). Or as vegetarians say, “anything with a face.” Just FYI.

New Rule as of October 26, 2020: $50 upcharge for bicycles.

Because as much as I love bicycles, they are a pain to draw. So add $50 if you want something like this.


  1. No caricatures

  2. Requests must be 2 words (or fewer)

You read that right, two words! Because I had the most fun drawing two-word requests last time. These included Raeanne’s Wild Cosmos:

2016-10-27 WildCosmos2

Alistair’s Brilliant Mistake:

2016-10-29 BrilliantMistake

and Pat’s Hindu Bali:

2016-10-27 Rangda

As always, if you have a special request, don’t want to follow the restrictions, want a regular commercial contract, etc., you must contact me and offer way more money, because $100 $150 is crazy cheap. I’m not saying I’ll do it, but if I do, it will definitely cost more.

Order a Hundred Hudred-Fifty Dollar Drawing:

$100 $150: Tell Nina what to draw in two words. Nina will email you a photo of the finished drawing, and post it on her blog and social media.
*Specify drawing in Paypal checkout

+ $50: if you want a bicycle anywhere in your drawing (see above)

+ $25: We’ll ship you the original art. USA ONLY! Sizes will vary but it will be on 8.5 x 11″ or smaller paper.  9×12″ Bristol (thick) paper in a sturdy cardboard mailer.
Due to the pandemic, overseas shipping is extremely unreliable right now. Please only choose this option if you’re in the US.


+ $100 $150: I will also make a “Making-of” video of the drawing, such as the above.


Example of a cleaned-up drawing
Example of a cleaned-up drawing

+ $100: NOW FREE (because I have a decent scanner finally)! Drawing cleaned-up and reproduction-ready for ANY USE YOU WANT!


Q: What if I don’t like my drawing?
A: Too bad, sorry.

Q: Can you submit a sketch and let me comment for revisions?
A: No. If you want revisions, commission another $100 $150 drawing, and a third, fourth, etc. You can get 10 $100 $150 drawings for less than my usual professional rate.

Q: Can I use the drawing as a commercial logo for my business?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the drawing for advertising or other commercial purposes?
A: Yes, anything you want.

Q: Isn’t that crazy cheap for commercial art?
A: Yes. But some of these drawings are also non-commercial. It’s all less stress for me, and I don’t care what happens to the image after I draw it. (Actually I do care – the more it’s used, the better.)

Q: What about copyright?
A: Like most of my work this is Free Culture. There’s effectively no copyright to license or buy. You can do whatever you want with the art you commission, but it’s non-exclusive. I will be posting it on my blog and social media.

Q: What if I want exclusive rights?
A: Then you’ll have to pay more than $100 $150 – same as most professional commercial art of this caliber. Shoot me an email to discuss.

Q: What if Nina finds my drawing instructions abhorrent?
A: I will refund your money and not do the drawing. Or I’ll keep the money and willfully misinterpret your request. That might be more interesting.

Q: Can you do a caricature if I send you a photo?
A: No.

First Hundred Dollar Drawing experiment archived here.

27 thoughts on “Hundred Dollar Drawings – now $150”

  1. really I have been looking to do such drawings myself. What’s the rig you used to capture you drawing on your desk? I love whiteboards.

  2. I just placed an order, but did not see the place to add my two words. Assuming this is that place, my two words are:

    Idea Generator

    Please do not hesitate to let me know if I need to provide any other information for you to proceed.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Nina, I may have botched my order, oops. Wanted to request ‘robot doctor’ for a hundred-dollar-masterpiece. Let me know if the payment didn’t go through, I think it may have… hope you are well!

  4. Hi Nina! Same as Andrew and Bob: went through PayPal for a hundred dollar request without having seen any comment field, sorry! The two words are “breastfeeding multitasking” for Bibiana (yes, that’s B, not V). Thank you so much for your great work 🙂

  5. Hi Nina. I placed an order with PayPal but didn’t see a comment field. My two words are “vulva lounge” for Kim. Thanks!

  6. Hello Nina,
    I purchased 2 of your pictures. I am so excited you are doing this, because I was starting to be at a loss at what to get my husband for the holidays. My husband is very much into copy left and against copyright, and he’a really changed how I see modern media. He’s exposed me to a lot of your works and it’s been refreshing.
    Two words for the pictures
    “The Captain”
    “Nerdy Hacking”

    Thank you so much,

  7. Goat Love
    I didn’t see anywhere for my two words but that is them above.
    I’d prefer my name not to be used on Twitter, please. I sent my payment through paypal just now. Thank you!

  8. Nina, Seder Machoism was extraordinary can you do a drawing please for $125. Lancealot studying religions, dang that’s 3 words! I suck! How do I give you the address on U.W.S., N.Y.

  9. I just sent a payment to you for one of your cool drawings. This is for my husband, Vance, for his birthday. The two words are: Historic Vegan

  10. I am trying to contact you because I wrote a review of Seder Masochism (which I loved) and included some images. The editor of the journal where the review will appear asks that you contact her. Can you please send me an email to my email so I can forward it to her? Thanks, Batya Weinbaum

  11. Hi Nina. Didn’t know you had so many aspects to your online existence. Slow, I agree….. Now that I am wise, I still look for acceptance, in this clique to connect. Will you respond? Let’s see how this goes… Love you anyways, even if you don’t connect…… more later ( as if I have some bigger nugget. Or do I?)________

  12. Nina, I purchased a $100 Drawing, including the original art, on PayPal but there was no place to add my two words for the drawing! This seems to have happened to others, noting the comments. The two words for my drawing are “Colorado Rockies.” (And I don’t mean the baseball team, but the nature!) Thank you.

  13. Hi Nina,

    I also did not find a place in the PayPal checkout for my two words. They are “Mighty Hanuman”. Thank you!

  14. Hello Nina, I am the person who has just made the payment of a picture+video+shipment.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t find a place where I could leave a message when I was paying.
    My two words are : goddess dream.
    Another question is, how can I tell you my address?
    Thank you very much and hope everything goes well.

  15. Paypal didn’t give me the opportunity to enter my two word prompt. My two word prompt is

    Goat Rodeo.

  16. I have a sketched request that I’d like to email you a photo of. That’s more than two words I just used. I can shut up and send you the sketch!

  17. My word prompt is: vampire, pilgrim. I just sent payment via Paypal! Can’t wait, thanks!

  18. Connie and I both want to thank you for the vampire pilgrim! It’s better than we could have hoped for!

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