PaleGray Labs is FOR SALE!

The quilting and embroidery collaboration of Nina Paley and Theodore Gray is for sale and EVERYTHING must go! We hope to sell the whole business as a package. Here’s what you get:

Quilting Master IV full-frame CNC quilting robot, tables, frames, accessories, etc: $30,000 (similar retails for $50,000)

SailRite long-arm zigzag machine, table, accessories: $4,000

Brother 10-needle embroidery machine, accessories: $8,000

Threads, bobbins, etc: $1,000

fabrics & battings (inc. extra wide): $1,000

Fabric cutter/measurer: $1,000

For $5,000 more, we will throw in PaleGray Labs quilting and embroidery designs, consultation/training with Theodore Gray, and disassembling and reassembling the Quilting Master machine! (Buyer covers loading, trucking, and unloading, plus lodging if destination is more than a couple hours from Urbana, IL.)

ALL THIS for just $50,000! Plus loads of extras including a wheeled stand for the embroidery machine, a serger, a barely-used 6-drawer Madiera “treasure chest” embroidery thread collection (retails at over $1,900).

It’s located at 300 S. Broadway Avenue, Urbana, Illinois 61801.
You will need at least 500 sq feet to configure these machines and tables into a functional workspace. But what a workspace you will have! The extremely heavy quilt plotter needs a solid, non-bouncy floor for stability.

Why are we selling? We lost our lease last year when our building was sold to the Champaign County Sheriff’s office and they evicted all non-government tenants. Our new space in the basement of Lincoln Square is overpriced and unpleasant, and Theo and I have become occupied with other projects. We are not giving our machines and materials the love and attention they deserve, and we have to move everything out by end of May.

Interested? Email me at

Quilting Master IV with extra frames
Quilting Master IV cutting/framing/work tables

Brother Entrepreneur Pro 1000e 10-needle embroidery machine
Extra embroidery hoops & accessories
Amazing fabric measuring/cutting station
Amazing fabric measuring/cutting station
Mostly-intact Madeira “Treasure Chest” embroidery threads & cabinet
More thread. So many colors.
So much thread. Cones and spools. We also have an automated bobbin winder.
A mere sampling of the many bolts of quality quilting fabrics in the deal.
A serger. One of many less-pricey tools we have lying around, that come in the package. Like rotary cutters and cutting mats and notions of all kinds.We don’t even know what-all else we have.





The Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise Empire has MOVED!

It now lives at 2018-06-06 14.39.41

This is all the leftover merch our previous order fulfillment service sent us when we closed our account. I’ve been inventorying and organizing and folding and removing cardboard box shreds with a lint roller since they dumped everything on our doorstep. Odd sizes! Everything must go!


Angel O’ Death stickers!

They’re round, they’re vinyl, and they’re 3.5″ diameter. Suitable for bikes, cars, laptops, doorposts, mantels, ice chests, books, coffins, monitors, phone cases, household appliances, boxes, etc.

Death Stickers2

Because shipping is a pain in the tuchas, these are sold in minimum orders of 10 for $10, via PayPal. Includes shipping in USA only.

Update May 2018: Soon to be available at the Seder-Masochism Merchandise Empire, once I build it. Please stand by.



Introducing Hundred Dollar Drawings!

Notice: This has been popular! New orders temporarily suspended while I work on backlog. I’ll offer Hundred Dollar Drawings again soon.

example of $100 drawing
Example of a $100 drawing

$100: Tell Nina what to draw* and she’ll draw it. It could be as vague as a word (“quadruped,” “equinox”) or more specific (“a cat driving a car,” “a sun and moon shaking hands”) or even more specific (“a tabby cat driving a convertible sportscar over a cardboard box,” “a sun and moon shaking hands over planet Earth, sky behind them half night and half day”). Nina will email you a photo of the finished drawing, and post it on her blog and social media.

*Specify drawing in Paypal checkout


+ $25: We’ll ship you the original art. Sizes will vary but it will be on 8.5 x 11″ or smaller paper.


+ $100: I will also make a “Making-of” video of the drawing, such as the above.


Example of cleaned-up, reproduction-ready PNG file
Example of cleaned-up, reproduction-ready PNG file

+ $100: Drawing cleaned-up and reproduction-ready for ANY USE YOU WANT!



Q: What if I don’t like my drawing?
A: Too bad, sorry.

Q: Can you submit a sketch and let me comment for revisions?
A: No. If you want revisions, commission another $100 drawing, and a third, fourth, etc. You can get 10 $100 drawings for less than my usual professional rate.

Q: Can I use the drawing as a commercial logo for my business?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the drawing for advertising or other commercial purposes?
A: Yes, anything you want.

Q: Isn’t that crazy cheap for commercial art?
A: Yes. But some of these drawings are also non-commercial. It’s all less stress for me, and I don’t care what happens to the image after I draw it. (Actually I do care – the more it’s used, the better.)

Q: What about copyright?
A: Like most of my work this is Free Culture. There’s effectively no copyright to license or buy. You can do whatever you want with the art you commission, but it’s non-exclusive. I will be posting it on my blog and social media.

Q: What if I want exclusive rights?
A: Then you’ll have to pay more than $100 – same as most professional commercial art of this caliber. Shoot me an email to discuss.

Q: What if Nina finds my drawing instructions abhorrent?
A: I will refund your money and not do the drawing. Or I’ll keep the money and willfully misinterpret your request. That might be more interesting.

Q: Can you do a caricature if I send you a photo?
A: Not very well, but I’ll try. I am not a caricaturist so likenesses not guaranteed to be recognizable or remotely able to fulfill hopes and dreams.