Angel O’ Death stickers!

They’re round, they’re vinyl, and they’re 3.5″ diameter. Suitable for bikes, cars, laptops, doorposts, mantels, ice chests, books, coffins, monitors, phone cases, household appliances, boxes, etc.

Death Stickers2

Because shipping is a pain in the tuchas, these are sold in minimum orders of 10 for $10, via PayPal. Includes shipping in USA only.

Update May 2018: Soon to be available at the Seder-Masochism Merchandise Empire, once I build it. Please stand by.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

2 thoughts on “Angel O’ Death stickers!”

  1. Dear Nina, I just LOVE your stuff and these stickers especially (since I chose for this version). But I live in Amsterdam, which unfortunately is located outside USA…. But I hope you sell them all!!

    Love, Magda

  2. Hi Nina

    I just recently got introduced to your artwork and I must say that I’m stunned! Loved Sita sings the blues btw, amazing style (I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot though)

    I was meaning to ask if it would be ok with you to use the image of Angel O’Death on a T shirt (one only and for personal use) or to print it out and hang it on the wall.

    I know your stance on Copyright issues but I thought I just have to ask 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your wonderful creations

    Cheers from Canada

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