8 thoughts on “New Store Now Live!”

  1. My playing cards just arrived. They have already brought me much joy! Thank you so much.

  2. This is so useful: I show newcomers to the fight who are the heroes and villains. I explain and this sparks questions and discussion. Thank you so much, Nina!

  3. I did’t know how else to contact you so I am doing it here. On your heterodorx podcast “Gender of Champions” you asked if there is a site which documents all the women who have had awards stolen from them by men.
    Yes there is! Here it is: https://shewon.org/
    Thanks for all your great work!

  4. A question (‘coz I can’t find any other way of contacting you). Are you still making products with the angel o’ death on them, or anything to do with VHMET? Love your work 😀

  5. Just thought I should mention that my (infinitesimally small) YouTube channel has a review of Sita, with a sideline reference to Seder Masochism. I admire your work tremendously. Sure the review isn’t 100% positive but I can only imagine how much you’d roast me if the tables were turned! Thanks so much for all your work, it’s really inspiring.


  6. Hi. No idea if you will get this but I don’t play in the X cesspool (Xpool?)

    My wife and I are avid listeners to ‘dorx, two of the fifteen, and I have say I was disappointed in your Hamas commentary today, though I’m sure your views will evolve once you see at the photos and videos and look evil in the eye—it’s Nazi stuff through and through, and it throws the entire cycle-of-violence narrative out the window. The 10/7 atrocities must result in the eradication of Hamas, and while I don’t care about labels, you must decide now. You can no longer take the middle ground simply because it’s far away, just as you could not attempt neutrality after Kristallnacht. In Australia they weren’t just chanting Fuck the Jews, they were chanting Gas the Jews.

    I don’t mind the humor at all—loved Babylon Bee’s headlines, for instance, but in the coming days and weeks, it’s going to be a hard choice when the human shields, hostages all, Israeli and Gazan, are killed. Indeed many already have been. I will lay that firmly at the feet of Hamas, no matter how hard the MSM spins it in the usual direction.

    Still love the podcast, but had a hard time letting go of that epi.


    Walter Manny
    Tacoma, WA

  7. I absolutely love the film This land is mine.

    I haven’t had the courage to listen to the latest podcast–I have views about Israel/Palestine conflict but right now I don’t want to hear anything from anyone except: ceasefire, negotiation, peace.

    Again, thanks for the film.

  8. The world around us is only getting worse but one is for sure only getting better and better.
    And that is you my dear.

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