Tre hysterisk morsomme indonesiske skyggedukker!

I don’t know Danish but I know what I like.

Vi bøjer Bollywoodbegrebet med ‘Sita Sings the Blues’, men det gør vi gerne, for Nina Paleys debutanimation i spillefilmslængde, der vandt en special mention pÃ¥ filmfestivalen i Berlin i februar, er i sandhed en film ud over det sædvanlige….(more)


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

4 thoughts on “Tre hysterisk morsomme indonesiske skyggedukker!”

  1. I’m guessing “skyggedukker” means “shadow puppet,” but we’ll need a real Dane to tell us for sure. Meanwhile, here’s what the online translator says:

    Vi bow Bollywoodbegrebet by ‘Sita Sings tea Blues’ , however that doing vi it’s fine with me Nina Palette debutanimation to spillefilmslængde , there waterproof a speciality intend at filmfestivalen to Berlin to february , are you truth a movie except the usual thing. By undertitlen ‘The Greatest Break Up Extensive Ever Customs combines Palette the indiscreet nationalfortælling ‘Ramayana’ by fabulous and colorful animation. According to myten shall the good-looking goddess Sita man-hunting by Prince Rama , after he has defeat one rival. However in a moment kroningsceremonien proves poor Rama victim by a horrifying plot , there cheat him to Ã¥r. Constant Sita consequences after him , however only by themselves to be kidnappet from a evil srilankansk king , there doing a little of each to test her. Parallel tell the affair about the artist Nina ( the instructor themselves ), there finder parallel from Sitas life to his own , when hers gentleman , there’s at arbejdsekskursion to Indien , determining themselves to bring to an end their relationships via email. Three hysterical funny indonesiske skyggedukker by indiscreet accent works that telling and keeps bear at both the historical tragedy and the up to date acting. All accompany from a hybridt soundtrack , there delicious mixer traditional indiscreet music by sweat jazzsange from 1920’ernes asterisk Genealogical table His , so it is difficult that subscribe fødderne quiescent.

  2. As Danish with mediocre English skills I am merely able to do a “Danglish” translation – a priori apologies… Here goes:

    We bend the term “Bollywood” with “Sita Sings the Blues” but we do so gladly ’cause Nina Paley’s full length debut animation – which won a special mention at the Berlin Film Festival in February – is truly an extraordinary film. Subtitled “The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told” Nina Paley combines the Indian traditional story “Ramayana” with faulous and colorful animation. According to the legend the beautiful goddess Sita is to be married to Prince Rama after he has defeated his rival. But shortly after the wedding ceremony, poor Rama falls victim to a horrible plot that expells him for 14 years. Faithful Sita tracks him down only to be kidnapped by an evil Sri Lankan king who does one or two things to test her. Analogous the story of the artist Nina (the instructor) who finds parallels from Sita’s life in her own when her husbond – temporarily working in India – decides to end their relationsship by email. Three hysterically funny Indonesian shadow-dolls with Indian accent are the story tellers and keeps track of both the historical tragedy and the modern comedy. It is all accompanied by a varied soundtrack med groovy jazz songs from the 1920’s star Anette Hanshaw which makes it hard to sit still.

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