Dear Film Industry

Please stop making so many films about breeding.



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  • dear nina paley,

    thank you for creating so many works that are not pro desperate/reckless breeding!

    respect, H/r

    ps – i get especially annoyed when flagrantly “having it all” types like tina fey (whom i otherwise admire) create characters that portray women as obsessed with being a bride (30 rock) &/or having a baby (baby mama). i say blerg to that, madam. blerg!

  • Rob

    I agree, but it’s still better than celebrities breeding in real life.

  • I see it in the first three, but I don’t understand what the last two have to do with babies…am I missing something?

    (I went to see “Knocked Up” with friends when it came out, and it made me cringe a thousand cringes. I’m not a baby person either, really.)

  • The last two are new European films I saw in Berlin. Dunya and Desie is actually really great, except it centers on the one teenage girl’s unplanned pregnancy with twins and how she “heroically” eschews abortion. Ciao Bella, same thing – teen girl gets knocked up and her decision not to abort is portrayed as hopeful, inspiring and heroic. I do grow weary of this plot device, and wonder why it’s all the rage right now.

  • Hey, I’m a breeder and even I think this sudden celebration of Gals Who Spawn is creepy.

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