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  1. thanks for sharing the link. I agree, thanks for helping me discover new creative pieces!

  2. I saw Sita playing at Scarecrow Video in Seattle.
    Instantly loved it. the old jazz tunes, the animation
    and color…. and free on line great.

    I can appreciate the copyright tangle. I used to be involved
    in mail/correspondence art (Anna Banana, Dogfish, Ray Johnson)
    producing and exhibiting and I would run into hassles with
    copy centers when I was compiling the documentation.

    Although the artists sent the mail to me with the implicitly
    understood understanding that I could use it as I saw fit without
    getting permission etc.

    Copy center clerks would refuse to copy them off becuase I
    had no ‘proof’ that I had ‘permission’ to use them and they
    were prevented from participating in a crime (felony?).

    I would have to run around and find someone somewhere that
    understood the idea of free sharing and non copyright and
    get the copies made . . . but it was a hassle and so ridiculous to have to prove I had rights to copy others works whose philosophy was free, easy access and dissemenation of artistic expression.

    hard enough getting mail from Estonia, Spain, Italy and the
    Soviet Union but getting past the copyright glitch was an
    un welcome frustrating ridiculous hassle.

    loved Sita sing the Blues. now I want to see more and know

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