Help the University of Illinois Library Help “Nina’s Adventures”

They need $7,000 to scan, prep, and upload my entire comics oeuvre, including Nina’s Adventures and Fluff. Under a Creative Commons Share Alike license, of course, so everyone can see, share, use, and build on them.

The Library is looking for…

$7,000 for Digital Content Creation to digitize a collection of the original comic strip art boards of Nina Paley, an Urbana-born cartoonist and animated filmmaker, whose award-winning animated film Sita Sings the Blues was reviewed by Roger Ebert as “astonishingly original” and selected by him for screening at Ebertfest 2009 in Champaign.
Her cartoon series include Nina’s Adventures (self-syndicated) and Fluff (distributed internationally by Universal Press Syndicate).  Nina’s Adventures was a semi-autobiographical, often experimental, alternative weekly comic strip that delivered incisive commentary on consumerism, overpopulation, and other social issues.  Ms. Paley is interested in making her artwork openly and freely available for distribution and reuse.
If interested please call the Library: (217) 333-5683


2 thoughts on “Help the University of Illinois Library Help “Nina’s Adventures””

  1. Sorry if this isn’t the right place, but I just learned something that I hadn’t known before (was reading up on copyright law and saw it mentioned in a side note) – prior to the Sound Recording Act which came into force on February 15, 1972, recorded performances had no protection under copyright in the US! And even after that, copyright protection for audio recordings made BEFORE February 15, 1972 was only added with the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA) of 1994.

    Apparently all of these recordings were in the public domain while I was still alive! Crazy!

  2. Nina – That IL library web page is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while! Every institution needs one of those to let their supporters help them out. It would help if they clarified the license you have in mind on the library web page – you are thinking CC-SA ?

    That’s now compatibly with Wikipedia and I’m sure I can track down some support for that. I’m also interested in the cost breakdown and how the community of open-content digitizers could help bring that down — how many boards are we talking here?

    longtime na fan

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