The store, she is taking forever

Now the problem is the payment authorization service is delaying…and we can’t take orders until that’s set up…so we wait and wait. And then right when we think we’re done, some new technical glitch presents itself. It’s driving me crazy. I’m really hoping it can go live by Monday…

But we are getting closer. Click on the eentsy image below for a sneak peek screenshot of the store-in-progress.



2 thoughts on “The store, she is taking forever”

  1. I just saw your movie at the theater. It is absolutely, positively one of the most visually stunning and beautiful works of art that I have ever encountered. And funny, too! Thanks for putting that out in the world.

    – Ryan

  2. I was disappointed that there were no Hanuman T-shirts included…
    He’s my Hero… he is fun and the archetypal beloved servant

    kiddie sizes too please



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