Why I hate T-Mobile

The following report has nothing to do with art, film, or copyright, or anything else I care about. I’m just publishing it on my blog because there’s not much else I can do about it.


Last month T-Mobile charged me about $280 over my rate plan. When I called, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) said I should have used the web site to check my minutes. There was nothing they could do now, she said.

So paid the $369.11 bill, then went to the web site and changed my plan. Last week I got a bill with $105 in extra fees. I called today, explained I’d changed my plan after talking to the CSR, and could they resolve the excess charges. No, they said, because I should have changed it by phone. I shouldn’t have used the web site. Didn’t I see the little notice on the web site saying changes wouldn’t go into effect for another month? I told them the CSR didn’t tell me I’d be penalized for using the web site. There was nothing they could do now, they said.

I asked to speak to my CSR’s supervisor. “Guy” confirmed the records showed I had indeed changed my plan online shortly after speaking with a CSR. After much pleading on my part, told me he’d split the $105 with me. I asked to speak to his boss. “If you do, I can’t guarantee my offer.”

His boss informed me there was nothing he could do, there was no way to resolve the charges, I was responsible for them because I’d changed my plan online, and I should be responsible. He said the online service was for my convenience. I said a $105 charge wasn’t convenient.  He reminded me that I could have gotten $52.50 in credit had I only accepted Guy’s offer, but now there was nothing he could do.

A CSR the previous month told me to use the web site, that my huge bill was the result of my failure to use the web site. The CSRs this month told me my huge bill was the result of my using the same web site.

T-Mobile seems to find any reason to overcharge, and no recourse for resolving problems, even when a customer genuinely wants to, and clearly makes efforts to do so. They really seem to want customers to be unable to change their plans, so they can keep charging for extra minutes. I did what they said, and they still overcharged me, blaming me for using the same web service they blamed me for not using the previous month.

There’s nothing they can do, their hands are tied, they’re helpless to help me (except Guy was briefly given miraculous powers to offer me $52.50 for a few minutes, but these powers were just as mysteriously lost when I spoke with his superior). I sure know what helpless feels like – I’ve been overbilled $375 now, after doing what the CSRs told me to do.

All I can do now is write about it.


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  1. So I changed carriers and dropped Tmobile because their customer service sucks anymore. I asked to unlock our phones so we could use them and what do they tell us, no, we have a pending balance on our account and until that is paid we are totally screwed without a phone!!! Geez that is so beyond crappy, I am so pissed at this company I stayed with for years.

  2. I came online today to see if other people are continually being charged bogus charges by tmobile. 3 months in a row they have overcharged me. They have fixed it but I suspect a lot of people pay not realizing they are being over billed. I am leaving them.

  3. I don’t know guys, but I seriously have proof their employee stole some of my pictures while he was suppose to be doing a data transfer on my phone. This is a relatively new concept, so the police really aren’t taking it seriously. T-mobile hasn’t responded to my lawyer letter yet. I just sent them this through DM on Facebook.

    My name is Elizabeth Nelson, and My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. My entire family has been a LONG time customer with your company. I filed a complaint with you on November 19th notifying a corporate manager that I went into an unfamiliar T-mobile location on November 18th (the day before) to request a data transfer from the device screwed up by that Samsung upgrade to the new device I had to replace. YOUR EMPLOYEE had the audacity to not only SEND HIMSELF PICTURES while I was at lunch thinking he was actually doing his job! THEN he proceeded to text me unsolicited, sexually explicit messages. Now mind you, I was completely oblivious to the fact HE STOLE PICTURES, until I started gathering information directly from mytmobile.com for the letter my lawyer has sent you and is patiently waiting a response. I have your phone and planned on sending it back as soon as you guys fully rectified the situation….instead, you have proceeded to disconnect my phone. Congratulations for making matters worse!.. You should also know I am a social media marketing student that is about to graduate with a 3.9 GPA. That’s all..

    Anyways, I am seriously thinking about pulling a “broken guitar” move, and if anyone on here would be willing to join in.

  4. I dislike T-Mobile. I got transfer so many times to every other representative. Everything was screwed up. I had to pay two bills for two separate account when I just wanted all under one account. They made it so complicated. How difficult is it put all the lines under one account. I miss at&t.

  5. I just received my bill with $109.45 has been charged to my cell phone for a call to Kingston, Jamaica. I don’t know anyone in Jamaica. I looked up the phone number (876) 378-7992 and it’s for a company called Tata Docomo, which I have never heard of. Of course, I talked to 3 different people and none of them could help. One told me, may I could get some kind of rate off, the other told me there was nothing they could do, and the last one told me she could discuss international calls. I told them, I was 67 years old, there is no one at my house except me and my 70 year old husband, we didn’t know anyone in Jamaica, we don’t know how to download any kind of apps, but of course, they just did give a d..

  6. After being with T-mobile for 12 years Iam leaving them. Their customer service is horrible, incompetent, rude. I moved from a personal account to a business account in March and asked them to close my personal account. Still has not been done, everytime I call they say its all done, I should wait for the next bill it will show all the adjustments. Its not the old T-mobile I know and frankly I have had enough. Good bye and good luck. We need more competition.

  7. Now you only got twenty eight gigabytes after that it goes to 3G not what I signed up for I’m going over the road truck driving I need my phone to have 4G I wish you had told me that before I bought this phone

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