I designed this Leviathan for my upcoming Seder-Masochism project (new website coming soon). Jewish mythology doesn’t have a lot of visual representations of monsters. Lions, grapes, and decalogues, sure, but not monsters. The Big Three are Leviathan (the sea monster), Behemoth (the land monster), and Ziz (the air monster), all of which are KOSHER!

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  • I’m not Jewish, but the time for monsters is sooooooo appropriate what with the world and local news, the evidence of collapse at every turn, and the continued inability of all systems to make sense, much less to change up in time to shift the trajectory of the story. As soon as the new site is up and running, I’ll do another Nina Paley blog post about it. Leviathan is super!

  • Anzel

    I wonder how Moloch would fit as a “monster”.

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