Night of the Living Dead Business Model


NYT article about corporate zombies here.

Oh, and also here! (thanks Tom Quinn!)

Larger poster image here (please copy).

2 comments to Night of the Living Dead Business Model

  • Mike Caprio

    Pretty one-sided article there… not up to the usual NYT snuff!

  • Amy Belew

    I hadn’t heard of you I’m sorry to say, until about an hour ago…I found an interesting blog about Sita in Roger Ebert’s Journal entry of Dec. 23, 2008. After watching the trailer, your interview and checking out your website…well, you have a fan for life. I sure wish you the best of luck in getting Sita Sings the Blues out of copyright hell…it’s not right, nor is it fair…I’m sending the links to both of my daughters; we love your kind of humor- Keep up what you’re doing-you have a great talent! I would love to buy a copy of Sita Sings the Blues…maybe one day! Take care-

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