Mimi & Eunice say it for me

Most of my thoughts about Free Culture are currently coming out as Mimi & Eunice cartoons. Check out their ever-expanding Intellectual Pooperty category. And please subscribe to their RSS feed.

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  • Hello, I’m contacting you on behalf of the group Faded Theory. They have mated their song Elevate with some of the animation from Sita Lady Sings The Blues and posted it on You Tube at fadedtheorytv


    I came to you thru sitasingstheblues.com The band wants to know if they have stepped over the line.

    Thank you for your time.

    Ron Watters

  • Nice song! Of course you haven’t crossed the line. Do more!

    The name of the film is Sita Sings the Blues. The name of its license is Attribution-Share Alike. Have fun!

  • Craig

    Interesting article called “Fear is the Mind Killer” from Jeremy Keith and delivered at a debate on The Digital Economy Act held in Brighton in April 2010:

  • Now that another done-to-death retelling of Ramayana is released in India, this time with a Bollywood cast voicing the animated characters, it is heartening to see a reviewer compare it to Sita Sings the Blues. India-based film-makers are just unable to shake off the conventional way of looking at the epic, which is where Sita Sings the Blues was a rocking freshness. The review here http://mcaf.ee/9efc7

  • Thanks for that link, Vidooshak!

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