Prehistoric Goddess Morph 2


I added more goddesses.

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  • Nina Paley, is it really you? I’ve admired you for years now, ever since I saw your marvelous “Sita sings the blues”. Love the animation, love the humor, and – I am -ha-ha-haaa!- married to an Indian (Sikh).
    I am also an animator, and retired now, but working on my 4 minute piece in TVP and for the first time without paper; on my Cintiq.
    Your Sita was probably done with ToonBoom, I presume. I got it also, but didn’t like it much; wanted something 2D animator friendly and TVP is it.
    I stumbled upon your blog, and like it a lot. I didn’t even go beyond the front page. Looking forward to dig deeper. Keep on with your marvelous work!
    Best regards,

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