Ulitimate Blogs today

What with the Berlinale and all, I forgot to mention ninapaley.com is included in Sarah Boxer’s new anthology, Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web. She’s doing a reading from it TONIGHT:

at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble (6th Ave and 22nd St.) on Monday, Feb. 18th, at 7 pm.
Two of the bloggers in the book, Alex Ross of The Rest Is Noise and Jennie Portnof of johnny I hardly knew you, have kindly agreed to help me out. I’d love to see you there!
— Sarah

If I’m awake, I’ll be there too, so come on down!


Back from Berlin

I’m back! Sorry I couldn’t blog from Berlin, nor clean up the comment spam until just now. Photos and stories to come after I sleep off my jetlag, but first some news in brief:

1. Sita got a Special Mention from the Generation 14plus Jury

2. Someone took a hot photo of me at the premiere

In addition, everyone loved the story of how you blog-readers helped the film, especially with the 35mm print. Congratulations to all of us!


Where’s My Pie?


I recently met a film producer who, after congratulating me on Sita’s admission to Berlin, patiently explained that I’m a “shiny little fish about to enter a shark tank.” I’ve long avoided thinking about the real business side of my feature film endeavor, but suddenly I’m paying attention.

Which calls to mind this audio clip. Sound Designer Greg Sextro recorded numerous improvised conversations for the ironic “Intermission” scene. Some of these are very clever; some take advantage of Indian accents; and one is even in Hindi. But I’m thinking of this one, where Will Franken channels a Hollywood executive discussing the film’s sales potential, or lack thereof. Enjoy.