3 thoughts on “The Blind Men and the Elephant”

  1. It’s a great metaphor, and makes for a fine story/fable/whatever we call them, this week. I remind myself, though, that each of the blind men is doing their best and none of them have the advantage of knowing the truth. Eventually, one hopes, they will talk with each other. At this point, its original purpose no longer applies and we must discarded the metaphor in order to prevent it from itself being a dogma. Pointers toward some idea or understanding are like the readers we use to learn a language: a needed bridge, but valued for utility and if good rightly admired for their efficiency: they aren’t to be confused for understanding itself.

    There. Gosh, thought I was just throwing in two bits, and wound up throwing in a whole quarter!
    Kinda unrelated: I really, really enjoyed “Sita Sings the Blues”. I’ve seen it several times. Thank you for it! I have no idea about any of your other work, know pretty much nothing about you, and already am posting on your blog! Go, me. Anyway, thank you!

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