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Several people have asked if they can use “the Mimi & Eunice font” for translations. It happens I don’t use a font – I actually hand-letter these suckers, trying to be messy. Apparently I haven’t succeeded, because even my messy hand-lettering looks a lot like my cleaner lettering from the late 1990’s, which I do have a font of. It’s called “Nina,” and I made it with Fontographer on my very first Mac – in fact it was my first Mac project ever. At long last I’m sharing it freely with everyone:

“Nina” Fonts on the Internet Archive

It’s a zipped file containing 3 versions: light, medium, and bold. Light and bold are probably sufficient; you can dispense with the medium for most uses. The format is old Mac “suitcase” (.suit) and may need to be converted into other, newer font formats. If you convert it, please upload your conversions back to archive.org (or send them to me to upload on the same page) so they can be shared too. Here’s an example of a Mimi & Eunice translated into Brazilian Portugese by Rafael Monteiro:

"Rivalrous" in Portugese
Original (English) comic here.

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Author: Nina Paley

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11 thoughts on ““Nina” Font now Free”

  1. I got this message: This item is not yet public. You must log in first if you are the item’s owner and wish to make it available (!?)

  2. Archive has been weird today. It made me classify the thing as audio, video, or text. I chose text. It hould still download as a .zip file. Now it looks like only the .tff shows up, and the .suit is gone. But try it anyway.

  3. Thank you!
    There’s a real need for good, free hand-letter-look fonts.

    There’s probably better places to post a font. I may try to make a Debian package version as an example this month (I’ve been planning to write a “Make a simple Debian Package” tutorial for several months now).

  4. Thank you very much; I am in dear need of a font like this for creating more accessible worksheets for my students. 🙂

    However when I follow the link, I see pretty much everything BUT a download link……? How do I actually download the font from the page given? (Maybe I’m too thick on a Friday night.)

  5. Muchas gracias por tus fuentes. Eres un maravillosa.


    Thanks a lot for your fonts. You are brilliant!


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