4 thoughts on “Electric Dog’s Flash Animation Power Tools”

  1. Good post. I’m actually getting ready to try out this new flash program so I’m glad I came across this blog. Very interesting!

  2. Actually, I think you’re the first animator I’ve encountered who like Flash 8 best of all the versions. For me, Flash 8 is the first that really disappointed me, since it broke the smooth copy/paste interaction with Illustrator, which was an important part of my process.

    As each new version came out, though, Adobe added a few more capabilities in JSFL (the scripting interface in which those powertools are written). I kept writing more and more tools that relied on those new capabilities until I got to the point that I can no longer use anything below CS4. For a taste of why I love CS4 I think you probably need to see one of the tools I wrote:


    You may also be interested in some of the other tools I’ve written, many of which should work without any trouble in Flash 8: http://blog.pinkandaint.com/flash-tools/

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