Links for Lunch – Science Edition

An ongoing feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me lunch. Today’s entry: The Purugganan Lab!


What does animation have to do with genetic biology? Lunch! Yesterday I was treated to pizza at Otto by not only friend and NYU Professor Michael Purugganan, but also a bunch of Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Students, and Technicians who are exploring the The Molecular Evolutionary Ecology of Plant Development, among other genetic biology type things.

Dr. Purugganan studies Plants
Before lunch I got to visit the Purugganan lab itself!

Purugganan Lab
It sure looks science-y, doesn’t it?

I learned some important science things, such as in Europe you can’t just go planting genetically modified plants willy-nilly like we do in the US; that at least one visiting scientist enjoyed and recommends King Corn; and that many scientists are looking to date and marry non-scientists (contact lab for details). I feel more smarter now.

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