Blacklisted, Bullied, Threatened and Libeled

Robert Naiman, a local Urbana-Champaign activist and Jew, wanted to see my new film, Seder-Masochism, in a theater, during the week of Passover. So he arranged to rent the Art Theater for April 23rd. Then this happened: March 29, 2019Jerry PayonkPresident, Board of Directors, the Art Film Foundation Dear Mr. Payonk, I wish to rent the … Continue reading “Blacklisted, Bullied, Threatened and Libeled”

Gender Colonialism

Last week I posted on fecebook “If a person has a penis he’s a man,” which led to my widespread denunciation as a “transphobe.” I’ve written about this before, and anyone paying attention should know better, but I nonetheless commented this: No matter how many times I state that I have trans friends, was standing … Continue reading “Gender Colonialism”

The Banality of Stupid

Dear Future, Greetings from 2017, when we’re having Peak Trans. In 5-8 years this will be over. A generation of children currently being treated with hormones and surgery for being “born in the wrong body” will be suing their doctors and parents. People will no longer say that a penis is female if the penis-haver “identifies … Continue reading “The Banality of Stupid”

Next New No-No

Sigh. No one “owns” Sita Sings the Blues, or any of my Free works, but things like this fraudulent copyright claim keep happening: I’ve never had any problem with Next New Networks. I like its founder Fred Siebert. Since I believe the folks at Next New Networks are cool, maybe they could assist with a … Continue reading “Next New No-No”