Crazy Sewing Machine Lady

fancy Minnesota A cabinet

I guess it’s happened – I’ve turned into a sewing machine collector. No one needs more than one sewing machine, but I just obtained my fifth. I’ve wanted a treadle machine since I started quilting a few years ago, and when I came across this beauty on Chicago’s Craigslist, I couldn’t resist.

Minnesota A sewing machine

She stitches! Came with one bobbin wound with ancient thread. No belt yet (I ordered one this morning) so I used the hand wheel. I’ve also ordered 2 additional bobbins, and some 100-year-old unused needles on eBay. I threaded the shuttle myself after reading up on it online. It’s a Davis, Long.

There were lots of dropped stitches and thread nests in the back, but as I adjusted the tension disc and whatever the screwpost thing on top is (foot pressure?) it got better. The machine was very well oiled before it was stored however many years ago. It moves pretty smoothly.

Minnesota A

Officially this is a Channukah present from Theo. I’m a lucky gal.


8 comments to Crazy Sewing Machine Lady

  • Beautiful new machine! And the cabinet is even better.

    btw a friend at NCSA UofI pointed me your way. I’m glad he did.

  • Jym

    =v= Crazy Sewing Machine Cat Lady! I’m reminded of the old advertising jingle for my Mom’s chewing gum: “Double your flavor / Double your fun.”

  • I love your machine so much!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Melinda

    This is identical to a machine I inherited from my grandmother. I am trying to figure out how much it’s worth. I have to sell it because I move a lot I don’t want it to get damaged. Any ideas?

  • The machine itself isn’t worth much. Minnesota A’s sell for $25-$50. If you have a cabinet like this one, however, you could probably get $150 to $200 for it. I paid $200 for the cabinet and machine together. If you’re selling a cabinet like this let me know – I’d buy it!

  • I love that vintage sewing machine and table, I really need to get myself something like that.

  • Brenda

    Nina, I have a machine and cabinet like the one shown. I live in KC,MO INTERESTED???

  • That machine is beautiful, they don’t make them like that anymore.

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