6 thoughts on “The Paley Center for Media”

  1. The naming doesn’t matter at all. Google earth will show us tourists the way.

  2. Nina,
    Sorry for the nonsequitor, but I tried to comment elsewhere and blogger wouldn’t allow me…

    I just wrote a blog entry about being made to memorize a passage about Sita (as a kid) and have also recorded a similar podcast episode on my show, Generation 1.5 … I was wondering if I could have permission to use this particular image (Sita crying) to illustrate my podcast episode. I would, of course, give you credit, and include a link to your site…


  3. Thanks so much for your work and sharing of it! The Goddess is coming and is she pissed. WE all have been sucking at her tits for so long; it’s time the ‘human’
    race grew up!
    The Goddess is coming and is she pissed!
    Thanks again, Joe

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