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A new feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me lunch. Today’s entry: Marty Wombacher!

You may know Marty Wombacher as the publisher of Fishwrap, a 1990’s ‘zine about magazines, or as the author of 99 Bottles of Beer Off The Wall, an answer to Zagat guides. Lately Marty’s been on fire with essays and anecdotes which you can read on his myspace blog. Now I happen to hate myspace – it’s ugly, clunky, unweildly and occasionally even confusing design-wise, and the very word “myspace” is an embarrassment. I’m not registered with myspace, I avoid it…but I’ve been reading Marty’s blog almost daily, due to the quality of the writing. If you still can’t bear to visit any myspace page – and I can’t blame you – you can buy Marty’s upcoming, ink-on-paper book, The Boy Who Would Be A Fire Truck. Actually you can buy the book regardless.

Would YOU like to be featured in Links for Lunch? Then buy me lunch. My email address is at the bottom of the middle column, the one with the pictures linking to my movies and cartoons and stuff.


Author: Nina Paley

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12 thoughts on “Links for Lunch”

  1. Nina:

    Is this retroactive? Does this new policy apply to people who bought you dinner on Sunday night? Actually enjoying your company and getting to see Sita means a lot more to me than promoting my website. So — forget I asked. It was cool to see you. And your cat is way cool and Sita is one outstanding work of art.

    Stay in touch!

  2. Nina:

    Of course, after reading Links for Lunch and posting that somment, I scrolled down and realized that you’d already mentioned my website and even included my smiling middle-aged mug. This is what happens when a person fails to read The Entire Blog before responding. My bad!


  3. No worries Roz – after our swell dinner Sunday, I lay awake in bed wondering, how can I get more great dinners like this? And then got the idea to pretend our dinner was for the purpose of professional web site promotion. Luckily, by the time I met Marty for lunch today he’d read my entry about you, and was motivated to pay for lunch too! Ha ha! Damn clever of me, if I say so myself. But everyone else: I’m serious about this new racket, buy me lunch or dinner and I’ll blog about your work.

  4. This turned out great Nina, well worth the price of lunch! Thanks so much for putting all the links in. This is the first official piece of publicity for my new book, exciting. You know I love it, because I’m such a publicity whore. And now with “Links for Lunch,” you’re a lunch whore! We’re like the Bobsey Twins of whores. Ha ha ha! Thanks so much, I really do appreciate it! Marty.

  5. hiya,

    What happens to people out of the city you live in? I would love to buy lunch…. lunches!!. That is some great work out there.



  6. Hello Nina,

    Very good seeing Mr. Marty here on your page, and furthermore what an excellent concept: Give me some lunch, you got yourself a moment in the sun!
    I was thoroughly hesitant and unconvinced about Myspace until a dear friend pushed me hard enough that I opened up and gave it a shot. The very crudeness and chance of it all is what my own art work is looking at and using a matter of fact. I like how clunky it is, and playing within that framewor, the idea of chance, illusion and identiy is a built in for Myspace. The big ideas are great, but at the end of the day it’s about the other people – the artists that it connects me to. One of those people is Marty! Colliding Circles is what it is.. R. Stevie Moore has it right!

    I give you 2 Kudos… HA
    Xo Ms Cosmod
    (That’s Myspace Speak)

  7. Sajit:
    Why not transfer the price of lunch to Nina’s paypal account? Then Nina can use the $$ to buy lunch. You could even email her a photo of yourself that she can prop up on the table. That way you can Lunch with Nina nomatter where you are on the planet.

  8. Wow…Pay Pal account. Nina, dear, you could have a good thing going here.
    I ADORE that photo of Marty. Now, this one needs to be his profile photo on MySpace. It’s fun to hear that such creative folks are connecting and supporting each other.

  9. What happens to people out of the city you live in?

    They’ll just have to visit New York! Everyone wants to visit New York, right? (That’s what we New Yorkers would like to believe, anyway.)

  10. Hi Nina,
    Thanks for featuring Marty!
    I think his writing is just amazing, love the blogs.
    I understand your feelings about myspace, I avoided it for a long time. But when I did dive in, I found it to be a great way to find artwork, music and writing I’d likely not see or hear otherwise. I’ve found some wonderful people, and really enjoy communicating with them,
    If not for myspace I might never have learned about Marty Wombacher! He suggested visiting your page…and it’s great, I’ve enjoyed it.
    Best wishes,

  11. Marty Messex? Ha ha ha! Sounds like my nom de plume for my masturbating self! Thanks for the nice words about my writing Marty, jeez I feel like I’m jerking myself off! Best wishes to you! Marty.

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