Links for Lunch

A new feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me lunch. Today’s entry: Andrew Anselmo!


Andrew Anselmo folds things. His card says “origami journeyman,” and indeed he arrived at lunch equipped with a supply of paper squares, two of which which he rapidly converted into a penguin and snake. Then as we chatted about overpopulation, environmental crises, and the world’s descent to Hell in a handbasket – all my favoite topics – I noticed him fiddling with a dollar bill. Whereas I usually tear and roll the edges of paper napkins into “lace,” or pick down the labels of beverage bottles into confetti, Andrew was constructively applying his energy into folding dollar bill geegaws. When he’s not creasing paper, Andrew makes solar panels, thereby slightly slowing the descent of the aforementioned handbasket. Is he saving the Earth, or prolonging human dominance and destruction by providing post-peak-oil energy? Who knows? The important thing is he bought me an excellent lunch. Thanks Andrew!

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