Map Shortage Reaches Epic Proportions

Via Two Can Anne.


4 comments to Map Shortage Reaches Epic Proportions

  • ddj

    I could not watch it all the way through!! ;{ how did end??
    Though …I guess for her it doesn’t matter.

  • Remember the Shaker Hymn, “Tis a Gift to be Simple”.
    Of course, there aren’t any more Shakers….

  • The look on the guy’s face is just disturbing. You can tell he’s hearing the same noises that the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons make when they talk…

  • I was just reading on the Machinist blog that not only was the answer stupid, the question was WRONG and in actuality 94% of people surveyed could find the U.S. on a blank map.

    Some days I just plain hates the Internets.

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