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A new feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me lunch. Today’s entry: Scott Jonas!


Today we have a virtual lunch: Scott Jonas sent me a picture, a link, a donation, and instructions to enjoy some “killer spanikopita” and “minty tabouleh”. Simple, right? Ah, but where to get good spanikopita and tabouleh together in New York? I went as far as joining and querying Chowhound, which wasn’t of much use. In our fair City, Greek is Greek and Lebanese is Lebanese and never the twain shall met (unlike San Francisco – Oh La Mediterranee, how I miss thee!). In the face of such a challenge I opted to go for the killer spanikopita alone – from Poseidon Greek Bakery, right in my ‘hood. I figured Scott wouldn’t mind takeout for lunch, eaten on the fold-out table between the postage-stamp-sized “kitchen” and the bed in my one-person studio, since he wasn’t there. As for the link, Scott writes:

I’m afraid that the planet is going to hell and the best we can do is to slow the descent. But because I don’t believe in giving up without a fight I’d like to put in a plug for Wildlands Restoration Volunteers ( in Boulder, CO. They do good work, and — this is key — they feed their volunteers well.

The remainder of his donation will pay for even more spanikopita as I continue work on Sita Sings the Blues. Thanks, Scott!

Would YOU like to be featured in Links for Lunch? Then buy me lunch. My email address is at the bottom of the middle column, the one with the pictures linking to my movies and cartoons and stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Links for Lunch”

  1. Now that’s what I call killer spanakopita. In the interest of truth in advertising I should note that WRV’s lunch portions are slightly less generous. Jeez, on trail projects I’ve built stone steps smaller than this pastry.

    Like La Mediterranee, the “Med” in Boulder mixes and matches Greek and Lebanese dishes — and Moroccan, Spanish and Italian, but who’s counting? All part of the same culinary eclecticism that inspired pizza parlors to start dishing up chicken wings. No wonder I’m culturally illiterate.

    All best from your virtual span’ pal,


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