6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey”

  1. Very good Nina, the pictures look fabulous. You may have a huge audiance over there. 🙂
    When I look at a book I only look at the pictures, it dosen’t matter if I can read the text. Pictures are universal.
    You may have to go live there and be a big star.

  2. Hello there,

    I’m a Primary School teacher in Cambridge in the UK. We’ve been studying the Ramayana in class as many of the children have Indian heritage. I came across your clips and played them for my kids and they absolutely loved them! We had to play them a couple of times each and at the end I had all sorts jumping up and dancing to the credit music. We also had a great discussion comparing it to the original version and using it to help us try and understand some of the messages of the Ramayana. Thanks for a great resource!

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