Adios, Amigos! NOT

I’m off to Rochester (April 30), then Stuttgart for the Trickfilmfestival and Flashconference/FMX. Back May 9. I’ll only have sporadic email access until then, but will try to stay in touch. Bye New York – I love you!

I’m not leaving after all – I’m too sick with the Tribeca Plague ™ Tribeculosis which I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to conquer with sheer willpower. Now I can’t stop coughing and can barely speak so I guess I’ll try to go to a doctor tomorrow instead of Rochester. My cat will be happy though!


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Adios, Amigos! NOT”

  1. Hi Nina, Just found your animation on the Internet Archive, downloaded it and loved it. Will show it to all and sundry in my tiny circle of freinds and large circle of enemies. Get well soon.
    pat x
    Southampton UK

  2. The screening went well, everyone was delighted to meet your parents and speak with the voice talent and composer. We were disappointed that you couldn’t be there, but it’s just as well since it’s cold and actually snowed for a minute or two.
    The theatre was about half full, not bad when you consider all the competing things that night. There should be a great turnout at the Memorial Art Gallery tonight as well.

  3. I have my ticket for the showing at the MAG in Rochester tonight. I love your work and can’t wait to see your film! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hello talented Ms.Nina,

    Was sorry to miss the chance to have met you! Your work has been an inspiration for me since I discovered “Depression is Fun” back in the day. I even wrote you once, ya wrote me back: yer a class act.

    I live in Rochester, so was thrilled to hear you were gonna be here, & I just saw your movie last night at the famous Little Theater. I passed off the comic book I’d brought to a friend of yours, bought a CD from the cute music couple & split.

    Mine dumped me on the phone, BTW. He was sitting next to me while watching your movie & I could FEEL him squiorming in is seat. Thanks for that.

    LOVED THE MOVIE. Loved it, loved it, great juxtaposition. Loved it, loved the shorts, now loved the whole thing. Am gonna tell everyone I know to go see it, poste-haste.

    Go you! Feel better.

    — E. H.

  5. Not sure if you heard, but the film had technical difficulties at the Memorial Art Gallery last night. As such I only got to see the first half of Sita, but what I did get to see was great. The animation was stunning and the music was equally amazing. I look forward to getting a chance to see the rest of it soon. Thanks for making this beautifully hilarious film!

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