11 thoughts on “Who hates American Airlines?”

  1. There’s enough reason to hate them on general principles, but what specifically brought this on?

  2. I had a roundtrip ticket to Suttgart, leaving last night and returning May 9. Due to illness, I couldn’t fly last night. So FMX got me a one-way outgoing ticket for Monday, so I could cancel my outgoing trip. When I called to cancel, American told me I couldn’t use the return flight unless they reissued it to the tune of $2,100. I spoke to the “manager,” and tried to explain my case, but he insisted they “couldn’t” give me the flight I’d already paid for without charging me two thousand dollars. The end.

  3. This happened to me about 8 years ago with American. On the phone they flat out refused that there was anything they could do (other than charge me again), even though I had already paid for the round-trip flight. On my flight out I went to the service counter, explained, and in about 10 minutes they had the return ticket in my hand. It was a long time ago and on a domestic flight – but you might not want to give up just yet..

  4. Oh, but let me also say that I still hate American Airlines for leaving me stranded at least a half dozen times and for having to deal with the tools they call employees.

  5. i think you need to work up a brief email to whoemever is in charge of public relationships at american airlines. the subject line should be something like YOU OWE NINA PALEY $2,100. the body of the letter should be something like “I am going to boycott American Airlines until you paid Nina Paley the money you owe her, corporate scum!” Then you make it available online and your fans email it to american airlines and ask their friends and family to email it to them etc. with copies to every airline and travel-related website on the planet…

    just a suggestion.

    let’s face it ALL OF THE AIRLINES SUCK.

    i hate aviation.

  6. I flew to London last November on Virgin Air and one of the toilets was completely full in the middle of the plane and people had to wait in line for about 10-15 minutes before taking care of business. All the flight crew did was act sincere about the situation and did not offer an explanation as to why it happened. Some passengers speculated that the tank(s) were not emptied prior to departure, which I believe was true. Glad I didn’t have a bladder problem crossing the pond. It’s all about the bottom line and not customer service. ALL AIRLINES DO SUCK.

  7. Yes, they simply sold me a ticket, cancelled the flight, never refunded me, never vouchered me. It’s impossible to get my money back outside of a lawsuit.

  8. Six years ago, when I was all of six minutes late to the airport due to traffic, American Airlines pulled a similar move on me, and I had to pay 5K to get my family back home. Seems there were no coach seats available but first class was no problem. I had no choice but to pay their ripoff fare as there were no more flights that evening and American offered nothing but to wait in the airport until, perhaps, one more full day. I had to get back to work the next morning and the kids had school. They also cancelled out my paid-for coach ticket and ate the money. I haven’t flown on their pathetic cattle car airline since and have spread the word about American. Hope they go completely bankrupt. Again. It’s a pity that every time an airline miserably fails it gets a government bail out.

  9. I booked my flight to Dominica since February for my October family reunion. American changed my flight 5 times and told me that i must over night twice in Puerto Rico going and coming back at my own expense. When, I change my flight they charge me, but for them to change my flight i am still being charged to over night where i really do not want to be so where are passenger rights.

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