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An ongoing feature in which I recommend the work and websites of people who buy me lunch. Today’s entry: Joan Hilty!


Joan Hilty‘s been in comics since the bad old days when I worked in the field. Sexism, stupidity, superheroes on steroids – she’s seen it all. But unlike me, Joan’s not a quitter. Not only is she still doing her own comics, she’s also an editor at DC. Over falafel, babaganush, hummus, and homemade pita at Gazala Place, we agreed that alternative comics have improved dramatically in the past two decades, while newspaper strips have somehow slid further into decline (overall – there are always exceptions). Joan and I have run in similar circles for years, and were both recently – but separately – reunited with our mutual friend Roz. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to meet her!

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Author: Nina Paley

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2 thoughts on “Links for Lunch”

  1. How fun was this? I’m pulling together a “cartoon memoir” and just dug up some old Friends of Lulus & Wiccas. Decided to Google Joan Hilty and see what’s up and I found you and she (and you are totally my favorite unknown cartoonist! Some day my grandkids will go to your museum!) all in one place.

    I’ll have to buy you lunch next spring.


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