Greetings from Novi Sad

I’m currently at a VERY well-organized film festival in Serbia. They picked me up at the airport, assigned me my own handler, put me in a top hotel, gave me a detailed personal schedule, fed me, got me a local SIM card for my cell phone, drove me everywhere on time…and this is their first year! It’s organized by the same people who’ve done a music festival in Novi Sad for 8 years in a row, and their experience handling complex logistics and tempermental egomaniacal artists shows. Sita had two well-attended outdoor screenings. Now I get to relax and sight-see until I return to Geneva Sunday. 

Thanks everyone who sent kind words about the Annecy win. I still can hardly believe it. What a strange world! I love you all.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

8 thoughts on “Greetings from Novi Sad”

  1. When I first read this I thought you were at a film festival in _Siberia_. How can they have outdoor screenings near the June Solstice, I wondered, when the sun never sets at those latitudes?

    Makes much more sense that you’re showing a movie outdoors in Serbia.

  2. Hi. I’m one of many people who watched your movie last night in Novi Sad, in spite of wet chairs and cold day. 🙂 Anyway, it was much warmer than in Siberia.
    I was amazed with movie, liked animation, different techniques, music, and i liked every single detail which usually watchers don’t see or realize. I have just good critics.
    Probably the thing I liked the most is that Sita is your autobiography movie, but mine too. 🙂 I’m a bit you and Dave (sorry if i didn’t get that name correctly) as well.
    Actually I went to India for 6 months, and left girlfriend at home, and after some time broke with her over mail. Next year I went to San Francisco for new 6 months. While I was in US I visited New York as well. So, I could identify myself with every place from movie. 🙂
    I just wanted to write that…
    Once again, great animation.

  3. Hi, Nina!
    I was last night, at Dunavski Park in Novi Sad, watching the movie, and your speech after it. The movie is great! 😀
    I was wondering, how can I see, or where to find, or anything, the video clip of the song which starts with girl who lights the match… 🙂 I loved the song and animation at the time… :)And, what was that song? So, is it available somewhere on your site?

    Thanks! Good luck! 😉

  4. Hello! Congratulatons on your huge success of this marvelous film! Me and my best friend Mira watched the premiere in Novi Sad in Porta quite accidently, but we were amased with it!! I was literary stunned with the whole film and when I heard you did it all by yourself, I didn’t know what to say! I am glad that you liked our Novi Sad, I like it also!:))))
    We watched only seven films on this year’s festival, but yours is simply THE BEST!!!
    That’s all!!:)))))
    Ana i Mira

  5. Hi Nina!

    I’ve just discovered the trailer of Sita sings the blues and I think it’s amazing! I am emailing the link to all my art designers friends.

    Here in Spain we have some movie festivals, one of them is Sitges: Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya (Catalonia’s International Film Fest). It is focused on fantasy cinema, but it also has a big section devoted to animation of all genres. This section is called Anima’t.

    The festival’s email is

    Their movies calendar is not closed yet. I am sure they would be pleased to show Sita sings the blues. This might be a new award for your movie!

    And… well… being a bit selfish… I live near Sitges so I could go there and watch the movie 😉 And I would bring my friends with me!!!

    Congratulations for Annecy award.

    Kind regards,

    Ana from Spain

  6. Hi Nina!

    I’m glad to hear you got such nice treatment in Novi Sad — well deserved 🙂

    A girlfriend and I watched Sita the other day and absolutely loved it! I’m thrilled that I got the opportunity to sublet your place.

  7. Hey Nina:
    I missed you in New York this weekend but I’m glad you’re out in the big world living it up and winning awards. Is it raining money yet?

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