Sita in Paris (Centre Pompidou) Sunday June 29

“Enfin, Sita sings the blues, Cristal du long-métrage, sera diffusé dimanche à 14h30.”

On DVD, because the French print and I are still in Avignon.


3 comments to Sita in Paris (Centre Pompidou) Sunday June 29

  • Tauby Shimkin

    Your Urbana contingent knows no bounds in chest swelling pride.
    If you make your parents any prouder they will burst. Go, Sita, go.


  • Jeff Weiner

    C’est bon!

  • Yo- Nina! DAVE KING HERE! How the heck is ya??? I’m still stuck here in the corn! Doing a Bob N’ Dave animation- you’d dig it! when are you coming back to Urbana???? I’ll buy you lunch!
    P.S. check out the myspace site for groovy ukulele music!

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