Here’s What They’re Saying About “Sita Sings the Blues”!


השנה, לצד הרחבת הפסטיבל מארבעה ימי פעילות לשבוע, הוחלט להרחיב גם את מתחם הפסטיבל ולקיים אירועים בכל רחבי העיר. בין אירועי הדגל תיערך הקרנה חגיגית במבנה היקב הישן של הסרט “Sita Sings The Blues”, סרט אנימציה אינדי של × ×™× ×” פיילי ששואב מהמיתולוגיה ההודית. הסרט, שהוקרן בבכורה בפסטיבל ברלין, יוקרן ברחובות סביב שולחנות בתוך היקב.

Anyone know what the heck that means? I sure don’t. Also:

인도의 왕비 시타는 그녀의 사랑하는 군주이자 남편인 라마와 별거의 삶을 살았던 여인이다. 한편, 애니메이터인 니나의 남편은 일 때문에 인도로 이주한 후 곧 그녀 …

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Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

7 thoughts on “Here’s What They’re Saying About “Sita Sings the Blues”!”

  1. “India’s queen of her beloved Lord’s hands, feet and a woman who lived a life of separation and the husband, Rama. Meanwhile, Nina husband soon after she moved to India in 2007 because of a breakup and notified via email. India’s epic ‘Yana Lama’ works beautifully disaster three delightful shadow puppets of ancient and modern comic tragedy at the same time, I can hear you. West’s music is unique and well-animated musicals of the 1920s jazz singers who sing in one of the most famous breakup Annette Hanshaw story unfolds.”

    They also call you Mr. Paley Nina.

  2. The Hebrew one simply says: “…Among the key events [of the Rehovot International Women’s Film Festival] will be a special screening in the old winery of the movie “Site Sings The Blues”, an indie film by Nina Paley which is inspired by the Hindu mythology…”

    So, I finally get to see SSTB!

  3. would love to see the film in india nina..let us know how that is possible..can you send a viewing copy..many thanks.

  4. Hey Nina, I’m Rebecca from Israel and I gotta tell you, for god’s sake, I CAN’T WAIT watching your film at my home town (Rehovot). Hope to see you around.

    We are all excited to meet a lovely animation creator like you at our country. honestly.


  5. Just come from Jerusalem cinematheque.
    Your Sita is marvelous, ironic, sarcastic, humorous, pleasure with beautiful visuals and music.
    What a pity that all millions go to vulgar and violent Hollywood movies.
    Wish you more fruitful productions.
    Many thanks for joy.

  6. Dear Nina, Babelfish ( translates the Korean text with

    “Queen at the time of hit of India will boil and the sovereign which her loves is with the lama who is a husband separation is a woman who lives. After immigrating with a humanity in order meantime, for the husband of the [ni] which is child [ni] May to rise this mail leads at once in her and notifies a separation. The epic poem `lama of India Oh! ‘ informs the tragedy and Hyundai comedy of the ancient times the shadowy doll which 3 people are pleasant with the work which re-interprets beautifully to appear simultaneously. The jazz vocals which in the musical animation which the music of the style of painting which is unique and East and West comes to mix together well is active at 1920’s Oh history as a matter of the separation talk which is most famous comes to open in song inside of four [hayn] shows.”

    Get it?

    (loved the film, btw, can’t wait to see it again!!!)

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