November Sita screenings

We have a whole mess o’ festival screenings coming up in November. The ones I will actually be at, in person:

NEW YORK, Nov 8 and 9:

Saturday, Nov. 8, 11:00 am
Sunday, Nov. 9, 11:00 am
IFC Center (323 6th Ave @W 4th St., Greenwich Village)

These matinee screenings are part of the New York Children’s Film Festival. (Sita isn’t exactly a kid’s movie, but it plays very well to older kids and teens and their parents)


Nov. 13: 7:00 pm and 9:15 pm with a reception in between.
Opening the San Francisco International Animation Festival
Landmark’s Embarcadero Center Cinema (Battery @ Clay st, downtown SF)

NEW YORK again:

Thursday Nov. 20, 6:00 pm
Saturday Nov. 22, 3:00 pm

MoMA (11 W. 53 Street, between 5th & 6th aves)
In the Film exhibition Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You (Gotham Award nominees)

Monday November 24: Panel Discussion
The five nominees for this year’s Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You award gather for a panel discussion illustrated with film clips. Program 90 min.
MoMA‘s Theater 3, mezzanine, Education & Research Center

More November screenings that I won’t be able to attend, but I hope you go if you’re in the area:

Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Int’l Film Festival, Nov 7
World Film Festival of Bangkok (Thailand), Oct 24-Nov 2
Winnipeg Animation Festival (MN, Canada), Oct 29-Nov 2
Festival voix d’Etoiles (France), Oct 30-Nov 2
Moscow Big Cartoons Festival (Russia), Nov 1-16
Leeds Int’l Film Festival (UK), Nov 4-16
Holland Animation Festival (The Netherlands), Nov 5-9
Asheville Film Festival (NC), Nov 6-9
Flip Animation Festival (UK), Nov 6-8
Olympia Film Festival (WA), Nov 14
Beyond Borders Film Festival, (MN), Nov 15

Check out the occasionally-updated full screening list here.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

7 thoughts on “November Sita screenings”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I saw this last night at the Leeds (UK) film festival and absolutely loved it! I loved the attention to detail and the overall concept. It was also a surprise to see two of my friends mentioned in the credits for back up vocals. You were a thesis teacher for one of them at Parsons!

  2. I love this film so much. Please please send it back to Vancouver, Canada – I want all of my friends to see it!!

    Good luck with your next project – you are amazing!

    bests always,

  3. Hi there! I just saw it tonight at the Asheville Film Festival, and we adored it!! Congrats on all the accolades thus far…I sure would love to be able to buy this on dvd or something (as well as the soundtrack…*rubs chin*).

    Anyway, great job!! 😀


  4. I would totally buy Sita Sings the Blues on DVD now, and then see it in a theater if there is ever a screening nearby. Love the images and the trailer!

  5. Hi Nina,

    Though I cannot see it in your listings but I just discovered this morning that your Sita is also coming to Hungary (and actually to Austria as well)next week. It really made my day, as I was already amazed by the trailer and hoped that you would eventually succeed with making your film available on DVD so that we do not have to hunt for the screening dates and places anymore. (However I still cross my fingers and wish you manage it one day)

    The name of the festival is Anilogue, and I absolutely look forward to see your film next week in Budapest.

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    6.7 billon and 218000 new earth citicen each day is just enough.
    Exponentiall growth is what gonna kill us all

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