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Want to donate to the Sita Distribution Project and help get Sita Sings the Blues out of “copyright jail”? is the project’s new Fiscal Sponsor. Donate through them and get a 100% tax writeoff! And the project will get 100% of your donation (minus only what Google Checkout skims).

A word about credits in the film. I’d love to include the name of everyone who donates, and small donations help a lot and are most welcome. But I’m realizing that the names will have to be illegibly tiny to include all of them; or else the credits will go on and on and on and on, which means broadcasters will cut them out and then no one will get to see their names. Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to set some minimum donation amounts to get named in the credits, like $100 maybe. Donations of $1,000 or more get a larger credit under “Production Angels,” and $10,00 or more can be “Executive Producers,” or something like that….Once the film is released, we’ll also have a web site that maintains a list of all (even the smallest) donors (unless they choose to opt out) and that list can keep growing even after the release credits are “set.” Still I love small donations, and I want to encourage them. Any suggestions?


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  1. Including every single name in the film does seem like it would be cumbersome. But that does not mean you couldn’t include every name on the DVD; either in a separately playable “extra” recorded henceforth to thank everyone, after which a list can scroll, or a similar device contained in a HTML / text file on the disc itself for view on computers (why not both of these?)
    Then, of course, ‘major’ contributors could be offered actual slots on the film’s credits.

    BTW: if at all feasibly possible (forgive me if your logistics aren’t set up for this) – consider setting up some donation level which will pre-purchase someone a DVD. $20 maybe, or perhaps $50? Simply disclaimer that a $XX donation will ‘buy’ a DVD if/when they become available, but until that time, it is considered a donation with no guarantee. Remember also that if someone can get in on the deal at $20, more people will take the ‘chance’.

  2. hi Nina. I just watched your 40 min interview and as a (french) animator and director i would like to show you my full support and hope that your work will be availiable soon for everyone to see it. I encourage everyone to give you even a small donation so that a- your film may be widely distributed and b- you may continue to make animated films without being alienated by a ditribution company.
    I have been considering making short films and publish them online in return of a non obligatory donation for a while now, and your interview really convinced me to try that, so thank you. i only wish there was a really easy way for the online viewer to donate, rather than going through a cumbersome paypal incription.let s hope someday peer to peer financing becomes a viable alternative.
    wishing to see your feature soon,hopefully in a movie theatre

  3. I saw this at the REDCat in LA and it’s *wonderful*. Come payday, I’m flinging $$ your way! Mucho, mucho luck!

  4. Is there a way to include one of those fundraising “thermometers” on your site so we can track how close to the $50,000 we are getting and measure the progress?

  5. I love what Drakar suggested. If I’d be living in the US, I’d totally go with it. Given the fact I’m stuck on the other side of the Atlantic however, there’d be tax and shipping and customs to deal with.

    All the more reason to support that official downloads be made available! I hope they will be accessible world-wide? I’m getting the “sorry, this download is not available for your country” due to license issues way too often.

    Is there a way I can donate to this cause using PayPal?

    Good luck, and thanks for trying to make this awesome movie available to everyone.

  6. The sound ‘color’ on the blues recordings is so …cut down?…from the rest of the sound, I hope you just release an XML stream of the film which could be interpreted into SVG and rendered on Blu-Ray. I mean…I’d put in different songs right there on the player, cut the encumbrance worries. Easy call, making that or flash drives the Appreciator-Level cut to distribution. (The possibly hard way is to bundle it with hardware like HD cameras for film, in a Blu-Ray drive as a test pattern, or shotgun mics and audio recorders…yes I have my finger on the pulse of the depression.)

    Surely new source material is already in your stacks if you want to set teams checking pose and lipsync, timing, etc.

    It’s really pretty and nice to hear from you after your ’90s comics works. The audio’s a huge improvement.

  7. On 12/26/16, I paid $56 to order 2 t-shirts, and have never received them. These were laid out like a regular store and payment was through paypal. I did not realize this was a donation. This shows an incredible lack of integrity on your website that I would not have expected.

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