Shadow Puppet Shirt Designs

By popular demand. Click on a thumbnail to see the image. Comments welcome.


puppet_sita_shirt0004.jpg puppet_sita_shirt0003.jpgpuppet_sita_shirt0002.jpgpuppet_sita_shirt0001.jpg

puppet_rama_shirt0004.jpg puppet_rama_shirt0003.jpgpuppet_rama_shirt0002.jpgpuppet_rama_shirt0001.jpg




13 comments to Shadow Puppet Shirt Designs

  • i really like the baby tees in the penultimate row. esp. the black ones.

  • greg

    i really dig the one with the three of them on the pushpaka (i know i probably just spelled that wrong)

  • Truc

    The shadow puppet designs are all fantastic!

  • Awesome! Maybe a smaller size on the first three individual ?, the last one is perfect!

  • Judith

    These are great, but it is a peculiarity of our family that we do not wear advertising. I’d buy one if it were only the graphic without the ad line. But we’re weird like that.

  • lisa barr

    when will they be available? Price?

  • Julie Romain

    Oh I didn’t see these before – beautiful!!!

  • Malakay

    I don’t usually wear shirts with designs on them but I would wear/purchase these. They are beautiful

  • Drakar

    Nina – have you worked out some production system for your shirts that meets your needs, while avoiding it becoming CafePress?
    BTW my girlfriend works for a big custom t-shirt company, but they are geared more towards printing a large batch of shirts and shipping them all to one place: the burden of shipping individuals out would then fall on the seller (you, ostensibly). I’ve been casually brainstorming as to whether there’s a way around this problem, but I figure maybe you’ve come up with something better in the meantime.

  • I am a big fan of the shadow puppets, esp. the one of all three of them in the antepenultimate row, as per the shirts in the last three rows. I like them all, some preference for the black shirts. Will buy as soon as available. Also, I have to ask, are these shadow puppets not, in fact, Malaysian puppets? They sure as heck look like it. Did you buy them in Singapore, maybe?

  • The “Sita” puppet is drawn from a Malaysian design. The others are a mixture of elements from Indian, Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian puppets, including some a friend gave me.

  • Nivedita Chandrappa

    Awesome Nina, love these Leather puppet designs…you are bringing India to the world …love it.

  • J M Ring

    Dear Nina Paley ; I had some water base, gold shimmer silkscreen ink that I wanted to get rid of and decided to use it with some sort of intricate asian motif or embellishment . In the end, I decided to use the female shadow figure from “SSTB” and was SUPER EXCITED when I found that you had provided the public with a high res graphic from which to make a positive of. I burned that puppy onto a 60 mesh screen and put it on a black tee. Man does it look good! So far I have only made 5 shirts and have given 4 away. I also traded one for pie. (I don’t feel right selling them). Of course what is also great it that people want to know where I got the graphic from, which leads them to you website. how groovy is that!

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