13 thoughts on “Shadow Puppet Shirt Designs”

  1. i really dig the one with the three of them on the pushpaka (i know i probably just spelled that wrong)

  2. These are great, but it is a peculiarity of our family that we do not wear advertising. I’d buy one if it were only the graphic without the ad line. But we’re weird like that.

  3. I don’t usually wear shirts with designs on them but I would wear/purchase these. They are beautiful

  4. Nina – have you worked out some production system for your shirts that meets your needs, while avoiding it becoming CafePress?
    BTW my girlfriend works for a big custom t-shirt company, but they are geared more towards printing a large batch of shirts and shipping them all to one place: the burden of shipping individuals out would then fall on the seller (you, ostensibly). I’ve been casually brainstorming as to whether there’s a way around this problem, but I figure maybe you’ve come up with something better in the meantime.

  5. I am a big fan of the shadow puppets, esp. the one of all three of them in the antepenultimate row, as per the shirts in the last three rows. I like them all, some preference for the black shirts. Will buy as soon as available. Also, I have to ask, are these shadow puppets not, in fact, Malaysian puppets? They sure as heck look like it. Did you buy them in Singapore, maybe?

  6. The “Sita” puppet is drawn from a Malaysian design. The others are a mixture of elements from Indian, Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian puppets, including some a friend gave me.

  7. Awesome Nina, love these Leather puppet designs…you are bringing India to the world …love it.

  8. Dear Nina Paley ; I had some water base, gold shimmer silkscreen ink that I wanted to get rid of and decided to use it with some sort of intricate asian motif or embellishment . In the end, I decided to use the female shadow figure from “SSTB” and was SUPER EXCITED when I found that you had provided the public with a high res graphic from which to make a positive of. I burned that puppy onto a 60 mesh screen and put it on a black tee. Man does it look good! So far I have only made 5 shirts and have given 4 away. I also traded one for pie. (I don’t feel right selling them). Of course what is also great it that people want to know where I got the graphic from, which leads them to you website. how groovy is that!

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