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  1. Having just watched your amazing movie for free, I think my girlfriend and I are tempted to buy everything on your website. Thanks so much for that.

    But yes, I’ll buy this one as soon as it’s available. =)

  2. I prefer images of the major characters (except Rama, the scoundrel!) and, pictures that are tall rather than wide.

  3. —– ( except Rama, the scoundrel! )

    Hello Mr John Farell, unless you want people to say Jesus the Bastard, do not speak ill of revered symbols of other faiths.
    Learn more about sensitivities and diversity.

  4. Nina,
    I don’t know you very well, I am just getting to know you and your work and I tryuly appreciate your creativity and sense of humor, but I still am wondering why would you choose the epics of Indian Mythology to mock rather than something that you are deeplly rooted in? like Christianity for instance?.
    Of cource we do have a large number of amusing funny stories in Ramayana and Mahabharatha which you could pick on, that aside, would you be rather interseted in learning the true spirit of our mythology? .

    I do have a wonderful novel called “PARVA” by our own regional writer and he has interpreted Mahabharatha in a layman’s rationality, and I suggest or I could mail thsi book to you if you would like to know more baout it.
    It is a pleasure to know you and we did enjoy Sita Sings the Blues for it’s humor but, were quite irritated that you had brought in a few Indian monkeys to interpret the scriptures.


  5. Single character, one above the other or one each front and back would be better in my view.

    I’d buy either of those

  6. I would totally buy one of these!
    Can’t wait until people start complimenting me on my nice monkeys! 😉

  7. I don’t know if I could wear it here in India. Might be perceived as making fun of Hanuman. I’ll ask around.

  8. Dear Nina, I just saw your film at the Red Vic. I feel inspired and grateful to you for creating such beauty and humor. I will be watching it again and again to relish the mix of style and clever, witty dialogue as well as fantastic music. I hope you get someone to publish the soundtrack.

    I would love to have one of the monkey t-shirts just as you have them here.

    Congratulations on a magnificent work.

  9. i like it. i also think it’d be cool w that “sunshine” BG from the film. it could fade into the color of the shirt.

  10. Yes, this is my fave design, this is the one I would get first if you had a store open…

  11. I absolutely LOVE this shirt!
    Thank goodness that you actually enjoy sharing your work–I’m so thrilled to see that you’ve posted Sita Sings the Blues on your website. I found out that the movie’s playing this week and I just got hit by a flu. As much as I think it’d be AMAZING on big screen, I can’t even get out of my couch now.

    You are awesome–I’m a musician who has been studying Eastern Religions/folklore/mythology and has written research on Sita! It’s so well carried out I love your movie 🙂

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